About Us

The company was named Karya Bali, such as Home Industries, which produce handicrafts such as statues and pandil made of wood, such as sandalwood, panggal buaya, tamarind and rosewood. Owner of the company is I Wayan Witra, field marketing Ni Made Metri and I Made Arya Dwiputra. The company was established in 1999, with the Industrial Registration No.805/3.3.1HPK/G/1/1999. Employs 25 artisans, crafts produce 300 per month. The investment value of Rp. 300 million, the company is located in Banjar Puseh, Batubulan Kangin, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali. The products produced in the form of a statue of Ganesha, Garuda, Saraswati, Rama Sita, Buda, Dewi Kwam In, Naga, and various types of pandil like pandil Ganesha, Buda, Naga, Dewi Kwamin, and various types of other pandil.